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Topic: Alvarez Yairi dy-50 1979 limited edition

I found this guitar just moments ago at a local pawnshop. As stated it's a 1979 yairi dy 50. It has two emblems on the back of the headstock stating a limited edition. The guitar is in excellent condition except for heavy wear on the top. No cracks, just indentions and a few finsh chips from very heavy use. The guitar is priced at $329.00...I believe this to be a deal! However, I cant find much info as far as value on the web. I know they sold new in 1979 for in the area of $600-$700. Seems to be solid burled or curly mahogany construction with a spruce top.. Just thought I'd post this and see what everyone else thought before picking it up in the morning. Thanks!

Manufacture date was 4-12-78

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