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Topic: Musical Clutter

Got up early this morning.

The birds outside were singing.

During all that early time.

They had all the whistle and chirps.

Out here in the suburbs.

While I silently.

Couldn’t find a single word.

Not even a tune.

That would have made me happy.

Even if It sounded absurd.

Things and all my thoughts lost in the obscure.

Lost in a misty cloud above.

Even my guitar.

Couldn’t pull out a word.

I moved onto the piano.

It just sat quietly looking at me.

It didn’t give me pity.

I thought it would at least play me a ditty.

As I gently caressed her keys.

She gave no love back to me.

Oh well.

At least the birds sang to me.

Full of joy.

In their tree sanctuaries.

The rubbish truck pulled up.

With a noisy screech of brakes.

It emptied the bin.

Got rid of our rubbish.

Helping clearing the clutter in my head.

That’s when I thought of something.

Finally I was feeling the joy.

Making a tune.

She who must be obeyed.

Yelled stop making that noise.

Re: Musical Clutter

Oh Pete, you are a diamond!!! Everyday thoughts we all have put down in order and succinctly normal. that last line is a killer and so true. Ann was cooking the dinner and a song came waddling along, well actually it was a chord, Jims Biggie Cadd9, what does it lead to...F?...no. G? YEP, then from nowhere came a song. Up until then I'd had zip for 2 weeks. Just as I was getting into it, my "she who must be obeyed" called out "come and do the mash". And now reading your missive I see you've been in the same doldrums? The only birds we seem to get lately are those rats with wings...AKA sea gulls.
Just read through again and you style is so reminiscent of Spike Milligan and that's a great compliment from me     

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Re: Musical Clutter

I`m with you on this Phill.Peatle has a way of making the everyday stuff interesting and entertaining.
Just look out the window you`re looking at a song.     

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Re: Musical Clutter

Cheers Phill Spike Milligan is a favourite of mine he was genius. I don't think I could ever be as clever as him.

Brian you are right the stuff we experience on our not so extraordinary  life's can be turned into interesting entertaining stuff if we stand back and think about it.    Though I suspect  my life observation doesn't always resonate with the good folk of chordie as I can be a bit of beat..

Re: Musical Clutter

Peatle- love it - so dead balls accurate !

Were those Tui birds ?


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Re: Musical Clutter

Cheers Jim the most prolific  birds around my house are Tui birds and also  Riroriro known also as Grey Warblers.  Tui in the first light of  morning love to sing. Tui sing their hearts out most of the day.     

Re: Musical Clutter

Annoying little twits then? Ha ha. I grew up in a farming district and my mother loved nature and tried to instill in me the value of the natural world, she also loved to sing. She probably never realised the lasting effect it had on me, neither did I. I love the small birds but detest the bigger bullies like gulls! Tui birds in the UK are planes as Tui is a travel company...go figure?     

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Re: Musical Clutter

Cheers  Phill I am not a fan of Seagulls when I am down by the sea having something to eat. They are onto anything food as soon you look  away annoying scavengers. Maree wakes up in the morning and wishes the birds would shut up.  Me  I love the sound of their dawn chorus. We have a brand of beer called Tui  or as some people call it Two Eyes. We also have another brand called Lion Brown Beer which some people call Lying Down Beer.