Topic: New here, songmaker and old performer coming back


I am a former performer coming back after nearly two decades, which seemed an impossible thing to do, and doesn't anymore. That's all I want to say about that for now. But - I am looking for others who had to take a long break who want to come back and develop something new. Coming back for me doesn't mean bringing back all the same old stuff. I have both new strengths and disabilities to work with, and both are changing how i do music. Anyone like me out there? Thanks.


Re: New here, songmaker and old performer coming back

I just want  to say welcome Sana to Chordie.  I love to know when you describe yourself as a performer does that mean your a singer and a music player and were you involved in other aspects of show.????     

Re: New here, songmaker and old performer coming back

Hi Sana and welcome. I've been a performer for nigh on fifty years, deduct a year for lock down. At the moment I'm in two minds whether to get back in the saddle when all this is over, I'll be 70 soon and I've put on a lot of beer belly so I'm dubious as to whether carrying speakers and amps in and out of venues is still possible.
Tell us a bit about yourself; are you a writer, performer, musician? and not to be too nosy, what your abilities and disabilities are, how we can help and how you can help us.

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