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this is a mostly true tale of the break up of my first marriage 45 years ago. it came to me last night as i was getting into bed and appreciating more than ever my relationship with Ann.

The Argument.

faces red, nose to nose.
eyes of fire, tears of anger.
voices loud, the reason forgotten.
hate now grows at loves demise.

he holds the babe, she screams "he's mine"
he turns away " don't forget he's mine too"
"i was there remember?"
" were you?" is her bitter reply
his silence a testament to his inner fears
he looks at the child crying in his arms
"does he have my eyes?
my nose, my mouth?
is this indeed my child?"

the only sound are the baby's cries
he studies her face, she's pleading now
she knows she's crossed a line, a secret revealed
"it was just spite, of course he's yours
you do believe me, don't you?"
he gives the child gently into her arms

he reaches for a bag and throws some things inside
without a sound he leaves the room depressed
"you're not leaving us are you?" her words laced with guilt
he stops at the door and turns to look at her one last time
with hurt and anger in his face and voice
"I'll come back for my stuff when I've calmed down"
then through the door
"that's it. I'm out" 

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wow that is powerful!     

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Phill I can feel the anger and an old myself in that moment realizing with all the conflicting emotions that its time to get out, reading your powerful words. It made me feel glad I have got Maree who has never played horrible mind games with me and has always if upset with me done in a way that doesn't disempower me emotionally or leave me torn. A brilliant piece of writing.     

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That left me speechless.
I cannot imagine the anguish of the moment.

So glad you found Ann - she ,ust be amazing to get you past something lake that.


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Brian, Pete, Jim. Thanks for commenting. There is a lot more to the story than I've written about. I was not completely without fault. I was a guy in my twenties and I think you know what that means? It was a traumatic time for me, I'm not the most romantic person but I still needed love. I believe that when you give love if it's not returned then you soon lose that love and that is what happened.
It was over a year later I met Ann, all my wild oats sewn and I was ready to settle down. All the love I needed was lavished on me by Ann and her family. We have our own family which I cherish. We have our ups and downs and I see my story repeating itself, so it's difficult to stand back and not give advice.     

Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.

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Very  strong  poem Phill  which  conjures up  a  vivid    picture