Topic: Basic App Use

Sorry to post such a basic question but I am rapidly becoming frustrated. I am new to this app, but have been using tab search engines for a long time. I love the goal of this app, but it’s just not working. When I search for a song I can’t seem to add it to my songbook because I’m not logged in. Yet I was logged in when I searched for the song. So when I touch the link to log in and save the song, the song disappears and I have to search for it all over again, starting the same never ending loop of frustration. The song is God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood, but it seems to happen to a lot of songs. Are there certain songs that can’t be saved for some reason? There seems to be no real help section for how the app should be working. I look forward to your response. I am working mostly on iPad and iPhone platforms with the most recent update to the iOS. 

Re: Basic App Use

The usual cause for this difficulty is cookies, so clear all cookies and then log in again. Please report back after you have tried this.

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