Topic: If you love music

Some times i wonder how into music chordians are.
some of us are music nuts,if you are like me you`ve got to listen this
a podcast on spotify  ``the history of rock in 500 songs``
this is FANTASTiC   the guy is taking 10 yrs to make this series
at the moment it`s up to episode 135 still 7 yrs of music to come
each show is about 45 mins the research is unbelievable,
if you love music, do yourself a favour, have a listen,dont think you will regret it. 

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Re: If you love music

Thanks for the recommendation. I have only recently started to listen to podcasts - say within the past three years or so. Mostly I have listened to Philosophy and History podcasts, but a music history/background podcast is likely to be interesting.     

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