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Topic: Adrenalin Sea Junky

Adrenalin  Sea Junky

Your a adrenalin junky.

Who thinks he is funky.

There is a big storm coming for you.

The  strong hidden undertow will pull you down.

In the depths and under the waves.

You  will be screaming for life.

The love of your life tears in eyes.

Crying on shore.

Wished you behaved .

There is nothing brave.

About  an unessercary sea grave

Sea sucking  you down  because your a clown.

Others will die because of you.

You make me sick.

You make me spew.

You should think of others not just you.

Re: Adrenalin Sea Junky

I see the storm has got the juices flowing there Pedr?
"you make me sick
you make me spew
you should think of others not just you"
moby dick
ate the crew
he ate the others, why not you?     

Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.

Re: Adrenalin Sea Junky

I love that add on Phill.  Down here in Kiwiland it is winter while the rest of Chordie land is in summer most probably the best time to create songs and poems.     

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yes but it seems Chordieland north have all taken their summer holidays as usual come summer. BTW my addendum was a parody of your last three lines, eg...moby dick = sick? as I believe all adrenaline junkies have some important brain cells missing the ones that tell you to get out of the way when an express train is coming at you!

they dive from a bridge 200 feet high
with only a rope, they hope it's tied
they fall so fast the grounds getting close
bunjee they scream as the blood leaves their nose

the waves in Hawaii are big and yet warm
in hobitland it's winter and the south pole sends storms
if the wind and the ice and the sharks miss their mark
they'll come `round again when the day becomes dark

if you like the scary feeling of near death excitement
go join the army and go join the fighting
they'll give you a gun and your very own suit
ISIS and taliban are quite happy to shoot....at YOU

just came to me, hope you don't mind?     

Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.

Re: Adrenalin Sea Junky

That is brilliant Phill I love it when people have fun with words on my post. Everyone please feel  free to have a go.

It is an age-old story.
If you're looking for thrills.
And you don't have the skills.
Don't walk the tightrope.
Your walk on the highwire.
Will be dire.
With an involuntarily fall from the wire.
Your loved ones will want none of this.
With a quick flight through the abyss.
It will be a sad goodbye for your family through your stupidness..     

Re: Adrenalin Sea Junky

Awesome words. I liked the first lines the most smile