Topic: Black Sabbath live in Paris 1970

Hi, there’s a YouTube video of a Black Sabbath set from 1970 and in this video at the 19:58 time mark Tony Iommi plays a small classical guitar sounding solo before he goes into playing the song “Black Sabath”. What I’m wondering is if anyone on here can decipher the chords he’s playing in this solo or know where I can go to figure this out. If anyone could help or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated! 

Re: Black Sabbath live in Paris 1970

Hi. Can you send a link to this video on YouTube? There are just a lot of videos on YouTube with Tony Iommi playing. I already became interested     

Re: Black Sabbath live in Paris 1970

Sorry, but no I cant maybe someone else can. I can tell you that Tony Iommi detunes his guitar down one or two steps to get that deeper creepy sound. Hope This helps a bit?     

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