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I picked up an old 70s amp yesterday at a bargain price.A Fal Kestrel 100 watt combo.Two channels with reverb.Even though this is a transistor amp the sound is great and just what I'm looking for for the 60s stuff I'm doing at the moment. I'll post a you tube vid when I can do you can all here it. 

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Cool Beans Graham

I'd like to see it and hear it.

How did you come across this bargain ?


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Re: New amp day

Ebay  Jim  fifty  English pounds  and only 15 miles  away.
I  have  modern   transistor  amps   but  this  seems  to  bring tones  out   which  my  Roland  and  my  Line  6 don't.
Fal   were  a  budget   manufacturer  in the  UK   back  in the  60s.The Kestrel  is  about  the  same  size  as   a  Vox  AC30  but  no  where  near  as  heavy .Its  obviously  no  where  near  as  loud  as a  valve   amp   but  seems  loud  enough to  get   over  the drummers level .I  had   a Fal  50 head and and  separate  cabs as  my  main rig      for  a  long  time  but  sold  it  along  with  most  of  my  gear  when we  returned  to  the  UK  from living  in Greece and  it  also  sounded  great  and  responded  well   to  pedals so I  have  high  expectations  for  this , I  plan to    put  a  vid    of  it  on You  Tube   asap  which  I  will  of  course  link  here     

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