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Topic: One Bad Night

One Bad Night

One bad night in a bad hotel called Apathy.

In a room with all sorts of people you didn’t want to see.

There were all these  flash looking  people hanging around.

Friends of evil under a spell.

Devils water from a bottomless well.

A big marketplace where apprentices abound.

Show any weakness they will crush you into the ground.

Under the brightest of lights their shadiness shone.

Laughing at the people trampled on.

The only ones praying were those preying on the vulnerable and the poor.

Watch out for the people on the door.

They will steal your wallet before your feet hit the floor.

In the middle of summer.

The city’s cold heart attracting more.

Preachers shouting from pulpits.

How can we  make money if we don’t exploit the poor.

In a city called Hell.

One bad night in a bad hotel called Apathy.

A mercenary army looks the other way.

As a rich mans money paves their way.

A lust for gold.

A poor child’s soul just been sold.

In a city called Hell.

One bad night in a bad hotel called Apathy.

In the light of day.

In a tomorrow that can’t come too soon.

I will be far away from here.

Looking for people who are kind and sincere.

No longer under attack.

Or with knives in my back.

An absolute place of honesty.

An obscure place.

Full of sunshine.

Full of shining lights for the human race.

Like the light from the sun.

May goodness cover everyone.

Re: One Bad Night

That is a powerful piece work, brawd. There's a saying, "money makes money" it also makes greedy people more greedy and evil! In the UK, gas and electricity is set to rise by 65% in April while the companies that supply it, BP and Shell are recording billions of pounds in profit, how do you work that out? Once again the poor will subserdise the rich people's lifestyle, and the Tory government is allowing it.

Back to your masterpiece, it reads very much like a rap song...did I call rap a song? Wash my mouth with soap. Please accept this digital slap on the back, you are the master.     

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Re: One Bad Night

Cheers Piri brawd, I tried to write the poem in a way that left it open to many interpretations. The poem actually  started off in my head when I reflected on spending a night in a hotel behind the old Iron curtain many years back. I rang the reception to to see if I could get some soap and fresh towels. The receptionist couldn't supply me with those but asked me if I would like a girl or a boy to share my bed for the night as she had plenty that I could choose from. It was a hotel in a place that felt like hell.  From that memory using artistic license  I found my first line and then made that thought go on new imagined directions. The big  corporates all around the world get the big market share, take away the competition and then rip the consumer off. I used to work for a small company that did a lot of government work. We could always compete on price and quality. When they started moving to a preferred supplier process we started to miss out to the big operators not even given a chance to submit a tender. So to explain the government used to have an open competitive process, where any supplier can submit a tender or proposal to the  government buyer for review. Then the powers to be under our different political leaderships here moved to the closed competitive process, where selected suppliers are invited to submit tenders or proposals.  To make it simple for themselves they went through a process of cutting it down to just a handful of companies who could quote cutting out many good companies from that market like the one I worked for. They also introduced. direct sourcing,  apparently as we were told to save the government money and time where a selected supplier always a big corporate is directly approached by a government buyer to do the work.

Here in NZ we have the Monopolies Commission a big joke that is supposed to stop monopolistic practices by businesses. and ensure fair competitive principles to give consumers a fair deal.

The world is full of corruption.     

Re: One Bad Night

excellent piece of writing,i was trying to work out what it was all about as i read
but couldn`t so the many interpretations lead us all in different directions,a sign of good writing.
good to see ya got ya mojo back.     

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Re: One Bad Night

Thank you EB I hope everyone reading the poem can identify something in there  that they see happening around the world  while also at the same time  acknowledging the visionary good people in the world.