Topic: Beginner's Acoustic "Wagon Wheel"

Hey Guys

I was surfing the web a few days ago and found Tony's guitar lesson videos. I think you may find it interesting too.



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Re: Beginner's Acoustic "Wagon Wheel"

Thank you Bill that was interesting and I love the way he teaches how to play the chords to Wagon Wheel.     

Re: Beginner's Acoustic "Wagon Wheel"

In the UK "wagon wheels" are a chocolate covered marshmallow and they're lovely.     

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Re: Beginner's Acoustic "Wagon Wheel"

Thanks for the information . Really interesting video. For everyone out there who is tired of hearing / playing "Wagon Wheel," there is someone joyfully discovering it for the very first time. Recently played at  and heard this song. I think that those people who do not play the guitar do not even know how popular it is among new guitarists.     

Re: Beginner's Acoustic "Wagon Wheel"

My acquaintance with the guitar also started from this song. Lol. I could not even think that an interesting release could be filmed about this. Definitely like     

Re: Beginner's Acoustic "Wagon Wheel"

This tune was also where I first learned to play the guitar. Lol. I couldn't imagine how interesting a film could be made on this. Like it a lot.     

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