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Topic: Untitled

Wrote this little untitled poem tonight. I will most likely turn it into a song in time.

Untitled - Jeff Gilpin

A blank page tells a story
That words cannot express
When thoughts are tangled
Words a little mangled
A blank page is what says it best

Hearts are not so fragile
Though our minds might disagree
When our hearts are broken
The aching pain unspoken
Hidden from the whole wide world to see

Yet you’re out there somewhere
Living your life day to day
Living your lifelong story
A blank page or a heartache away

People just keep on going
After all sorts of stops
When they just don’t want to
Or even when they want to is when they’re
Waiting for that other shoe to drop

Out in the middle of nowhere
The greatest of songs could be sung
And nobody will hear
Have a laugh or shed a tear
Except for the singer when all is said and done

Yet we’re all out here somewhere
Living our lives day to day
Living our lifelong story
A sweet song or a heartbreak away

Erase all the words you’ll get a blank page
Break your heart you’ll get a good cry
But keep on keeping on
Like the words to that song
That you’ll carry in your heart until you die

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Re: Untitled

That's awesome, I like this one very much.  Looking forward to hearing it.     

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Re: Untitled

That is such a lovely poem/song, I wish I'd written it! Writers say that an empty page is more scary than Putin (or poo tin) you've made it sound the opposite. A glimmer of hope to those (like me at the moment) whose words have dried up. A nice title may be, the other shoe to drop, which I love or keep on keeping on. Both titles would explain your words and offer encouragement.
You've done a great job and a recording would be good.     

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Re: Untitled

Thanks, Jan and Phil - I like the idea of The other shoe to drop as the title. Now how to find the right music. Sounds kind of Prine-like in my head but I'll figure it out.     

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...and yet a Washington Commanders fan (unless they change their name again) ...long story...HTT...C

Re: Untitled

I agree with everyone - I think it may be your best one.
The title " Blank Page" would be so mysterious and an attraction magnet in MHO !
It is a hook unto itself - it could mean a million things - and make a person want to find out.

I am in complete agreement with Phill - it is one of those songs that you go  - Darn - wish I had thought of that and been the one that wrote it !  smile
Well done my friend - can't wait to hear it.     

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Re: Untitled

Thanks Jim - That's a good title too! Now I have another decision, along with the chords and melody.     

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...and yet a Washington Commanders fan (unless they change their name again) ...long story...HTT...C