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Topic: Peizo pickup in solid guitar

Been experimenting for a while with the idea of fitting a peizo pickup to a solid guitar I've seen One or two on you tube being done but my own efforts seem a a bit disappointing  .My latest attempt has been with a Squier Strat which I picked up from a charity shop .I wired a flat disc peizo though a change over switch to the bridge pickup so that I could play either one of the other or mix it with the magnetic centre pick up   .While it all works fine it doesnt sound great as the volume is a lot lower than the single coil.I've previously used these  pick up on acoustic guitars and stomp boxes with out needing a pre amp.But I feel I will have to fit one to get a reasonable volume level .I will try an external boost pedal next and see what happens .I know it seems like I'm answering my own questions but I'd be interested in hearing if any one else has attempted to make one of these.

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You'll need to add a pre-amp to the piezo as they have a different impedence (if you're comparing like for like), something like this diagram should be sufficient:




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Thanks Richard that should help     

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Thanks, Man, this work's great