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Gate Keepers

The comedian on stage yells it is all about me don’t you know that’s all the rage.

This will all be history in the future when they turn the page.

Come on this anger and rage is the cool new age.

The seductive gate keeper to the city wants to take your soul.

Before the burial in the hole, they have you dancing on a pole.

Telling you that your hip and sensationally pretty.

Before exposing you to the horrible and bad and not so witty.

Lost souls putting their money in a slot only to loose the lot.

While the powerful leaders gain and expand their plots.

You want the answer from me on the quiz of life.

I'll keep it simple I love my family and my wife.

I live for the day before it's all taken away.

Praying that there is more good coming our way.

People go to the supermarket to buy food to put in the pot.

They try to get in early before someone takes the lot.

Vacuum cleaners at the checkout sucking out what little hard-earned earnings they got.

Trying to stay sane and not loose the plot.

Punch drunk boxers entering the ring for another bout.

Before the gate keepers close the gates and lock them out. 

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Pedr, your angst leaps off the screen there. I love the fact that the southern hemispheres greatest truthsayer has regained his voice and no doubt throwing eggs in the face of those grocery profiteers!     

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Cheers Piri

The poultry farmer gets a poultry sum while the supermarket gets a good profit.

The farmer is often yoked to a system that means the price at the checkout doesn’t always reflect what is paid at the farm gate.     

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I know what you mean. A lot of UK supermarket foods are labelled "farmer friendly" or " responsibly sourced" on the flip side: have you ever seen a poor farmer? They all seem to have these luxurious new tractors and BMW's even though they plead poverty! When I was gigging in rural areas the farmers would always amble in around 11 o'clock and drink double whisky and always stink of cow manure.
We have 3 main political parties now: conservative, labour and liberal democrats. A hundred years ago we had just two, Tories and wigs, Tories were the rich land owners, lords and the entitled, wigs were also land owners but were mainly farmers who employed local "surf's" to work the land and get paid a pittance! This system came to an end with WW1 and the emergence of the workers or Labour party. I'm not going to get into politics here but just to say I have no love for the filthy rich nor profiteering business men.

Amen, sorry for the sermon....well it is Sunday     

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Cheers Piri
The Uk farming system favoured the aristocracy and the upper classes and I guess that's why the word peasant was used to describe the downtrodden people who worked on them'.
The problem with farm profitability in NZ can often be related directly to scale because the small farm size has for many farmers become unprofitable, as corporate farm ownership replaces small family farm ownership. Your farms in the UK had a history that favoured the upper-class more, whereas in New Zealand it was a bit different as many farms during the 1800's here were broken in on cheap land that made it more accessible for the working classes to buy.  The British Aristocracy and upper-class only had a small influence on our farming industry. During World War I (1914-1918) the New Zealand Government decreed that soldiers returning from overseas service would be given the opportunity to settle on farms of their own, specially purchased and developed for that purpose. The Government could assist the successful applicant to clear scrub, dig drains, erect buildings, purchase implements, stock, seed etc., with these costs being secured by a first mortgage. Title to the property was usually granted as leasehold with the right to freehold later. The successful applicant had to remain on the farm for ten years. If there was more than one applicant for a property, a ballot was held. Many of today's surviving family farms came into the family after a man's war service but not all. Most of my friends who now live in the city after being raised on a farm, families no longer own the farms as often those in my generation didn’t want to work on the family farm. Most of my friends who came to farming working for owners found that owners treated them well and often they became accepted as adopted members of the family.

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I hear you Peatle, well said and well written.     

Laugh Lots ... Forgive Much ...  Love one another     smile
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well written piece of factual history.
I just watched a news piece on the lottery system in the US

it operates basically on this       the jackpots is split   50% to the gov't and 50% among the winners.    however there is a 37% tax on the winners that goes back to the government.

so essentially - it becomes 13% to the winners and 87% to the government.
the odds of being a winner of the mega draw are 1 in 302,575,350

What the farmers should do is create their own 50 50 draw game and split it evenly with the winners.  and give the other half split up to the farmers that participate.

Just think if the government - for just 1 week - instead of using the money for the senseless things they do - just subsidized farmers with those earning.  JUST ONE WEEK out of the year .

Thanks for the great insight -( you as well Phill)     

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Jan, thank you for taking the time to comment and have a read.

Cheers Jim,

The gate keepers the tax collectors of your lottery in the States make a big financial windfall by the sound of it very interesting. According to mathematicians the odds of winning our NZ lotto is 1 in 3,838,380.         

I recently read a book about the  The Rebecca Riots over in Wales which took place between 1839 and 1843. They were a series of protests undertaken by local tenant farmers and agricultural workers in response to crippling levels of taxation. At that time there were many toll-gates on the roads in Wales which were operated by dodgy trusts which were supposed to maintain and improve the roads, with funding from roads tolls. The Rebecca Riots were a response not only against the toll-gates, but also other factors badly affecting Welsh farming communities. The toll-gates were chosen as the most tangible representation of the system the rioters so despised that could be attacked. The rioters were often men dressed as women as a way of disguising their identity a group which went by the name of 'Merched Beca' which translates from Welsh language as Rebecca's Daughters. Hope I got that right Phill would know better than I would.

The Rebeccas, also began targeting the landlords of farmers, after shifting their focus on tollgates alone towards more general grievances against the landlord class. They sent threatening letters warning the landlords to make reductions in the crippling rent for their tenant farmers. In the 1800s what attracted many British farm workers here to  NZ was the opportunity to eventually own the land their farm was on and not be subject to high rents charged by a landlord class.

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Nice one Pedr, I'd forgotten about that. I took part in the national Eisteddfod when it was held in Llanelli in the late 50's. Because I was tall I was chosen as a soldier so I take it from that that the army was sent in to quell the rioters and as our mini pageant went arrested many. After our performance at the maes, field or showground, we then performed at a local theatre, then at the Albert hall in London. Maybe that's where I got my love of performing from? The skit was called "gat y Sandy" (pronounced, gaat) which is a road leading into town and the gate was positioned on the bridge which is still there.

In primary school I remember the teacher telling us an "apparently " true tale on a farmer arriving at the gate with his donkey cart and being asked to pay, the farmer refused and got turned away. He returned later pulling the cart himself with the donkey inside the cart! The charge couldn't be applied so he got through. I'm trying to remember how the story goes and translate from the Welsh. Hope it makes sense?     

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That farmer was brilliant ! 
you guys have such good historical insight - love these stories !

Your vision is not limited by what your eye can see, but what your mind can imagine.
Make your life count, and the world will be a better place because you tried.

"Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except only the the best." - Henry Van Dyke

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Piri I agree with Jim that farmer came up with a brilliant way of getting around the system. To have an opportunity to perform at the Royal Albert Hall at an early age is something that would have inspired me to perform if that happened to me. Maree and I went on a guided tour of the Albert Hall when in London year's back and standing on the stage with just our tour group and no audience made me wish that I was a performer playing to a real audience.