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Peatle and I have been dueling comically and poetically with most writings treading a fine line. This is my most recent, no title yet.

She watched the river rolling by
As she stood on the burning deck
A vampire sat upon her shoulder
Sucking blood from her revealing neck.

A wind erupted unannounced
And butter fluttered by
She said that is the strangest thing
I cannot fathom why.

How old were you when you were young
How deaf you'll be if you were dumb
How slow you'd go without the speed
How rich you'd be to sate you're greed.

And now the ship pulls into shore
And sure enough the lady goes
Emblazoned on her pretty neck
Tattoos of her on the deck. 

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that a great piece of writing     

The King Of Audio Torture

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Piri that is an absolute brilliant piece of writing.     

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In a virtual realm where engines hum,
A multiplayer world, where friendships come.
Car Parking, the stage, where tires grip tight,
As pixels dance in the digital light.

Under neon skies, where pixels play,
Players unite in this asphalt ballet.
Engines rev, echoing through the night,
In Car Parking's realm, where dreams take flight.

A symphony of horns, a chorus of wheels,
In this vast domain, where competition peels.
Metallic ballet, a dance of control,
In the multiplayer lots, where stories unfold.

From cityscapes grand to countryside lanes,
Players converge, in virtual domains.
Parallel parks and three-point turns,
In this multiplayer haven, where passion burns.

Custom rides gleam with pixelated sheen,
As avatars navigate the terrain unseen.
Parking garages and lots to explore,
In this digital world, where legends soar.

Friendships forged in the crucible of chrome,
In Car Parking's multiplayer home.
Strangers become allies, united by skill,
In this virtual lot, where time stands still.

So rev your engines, and steer with pride,
In the multiplayer world, where connections abide.
Car Parking, a canvas for tales untold,
In the language of pixels, where stories unfold.     

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Wow, Kimnancy that is clever the way you use cars and parking as a metaphor for the way people connect on the internet and make a community even though their miles away and haven't met physically. I hope more people like you will come on here and rev their engines with pride.  Please keep contributing on this virtual domain Kimnancy.