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Topic: While Watching Some Exciting Personality Do The Good Work

A couple of famous quotes I like.

“Our anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strengths.”

― C. H. Spurgeon

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

Albert Einstein
Here is a poem I wrote with a long title after watching a Humphery Bogart movie today.

                    While watching some exciting personality do the good work

I know my poetry aint great mate.

Of late or on any date mate.

If I could steal a Bogart Line

Here’s looking at you Kid

Bogart played Rick Blaine

Now that’s a great name

Playing the Blaine game now

I’m getting sillier by the hour

Or maybe it's me who is about three drinks behind

May be I should be more refined.

Or steal another line to rhyme

Or is it better to be labelled a crackpot

Another stolen line

Who in this world wants the stigma of conformity

To use some fancy lawyer words Persona non grata

Is a word I use for people that I know who are a lot more smarter.

Smarta and Grata two words that rhyme that’s a starter.

I think I will sit here with my Toasted Sandwich

At midnight and a cup of tea

While watching some exciting personality  like Bogart

Doing better works speaking  written lines

Early Tuesday morning time

Original thinking and action are bound to create reaction

Save that for my early morning dreams

My ideas are starting to fall apart at the seams

I would use the word Icecream to go with dreams

But its too cold and I’m not that bold.

Bold and cold its too early in the morning for that sort of crazy thinking

If I don’t get to bed soon I will  fall asleep here without warning.

Time to say goodnight.

Maybe on another night I will get things right.

Re: While Watching Some Exciting Personality Do The Good Work

Sleep is a wonderful thing Pedr, try it sometime?....LOL
Seriously though, the only line I remember from Casablanca is "play it again, Sam" and Bogey never even said that.
It raised a titter as Frankie Howerd used to say. Don't stop now.     

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Re: While Watching Some Exciting Personality Do The Good Work

Cheers  Piri, I have recently watched two Bogart movies, Casablanca and also Key Largo. Casablanca was made and set in 1942 when then second world war was still on and Key  Largo was made and set in in 1948. They both have some great scenes with the actors doing some good dead pan acting playing very sinical criminal sharks of that era. Key Largo has some gangsters who made their money back in the American Prohibition that lasted from 1920 to 1933 now getting together to do some bad deeds in the late 1940/s.  I have read in books that it was the American Prohibition that made the Italian Mafia and some prominent family clans from other cultural heritage very rich. Jim would know more about that than I would. I know the Speakeasys of the day provided plenty of work for musicians of that era. Casablanca has crims doing their nefarious deeds in the shark tank of Casablanca during the second world war feeding of those escaping the dangers in Europe at the time. It's one of those movies where most the lead players have something to conceal. Since its winter down here in NZ I have taken some more time indoor to watch old movies.     

Re: While Watching Some Exciting Personality Do The Good Work

another brilliant poem,the stuff in your brain is amazing.     

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Re: While Watching Some Exciting Personality Do The Good Work

Easy Beat thankyou for your kind words about me on this beautiful sunny winter Wednesday here. After a morning out in the small metropolis of Wellington my lift home had  Supertramp playing on her radio and that got my sleep deprived mind thinking about the big issues of what do people eat in the morning as the song playing was Breakfast In America.

My driver looked at me strangely when I mentioned kippers as I was exiting her car as she had no idea what they were.

Then if you look at the lyrics of that song I thought people on chordie  would have strong opinions about breakfast in America and is everyone in Texas a millionaire LOL. I will put the verse up I’m referring to later on down there here.

Grah and Piri (Phil Williams)l would no doubt be able to confirm if Brits still have Kippers for breakfast. No doubt the American crew of Mojo , Jim and Joey Joey would have something to say about Texas and Kippers. Could be a breakfast song coming out of there most probably without any mention of Kippers. Maybe our mate Neo over in Ozz straylia when  at the Wanneroo Folk Club  could sing us a breakfast song. Then I thought about Jan the bravest lady to venture in and stay in Chordie land with her beautiful singing and ukulele playing encouraging us to forget about breakfast and get on and play and listen to some good music. Better have some lunch before heading out to do my afternoon things. So to finish of on the my Champions Board in no particular order so far for July are and thank you everyone for making the last few weeks good on here.






Joey Joey



Could we have kippers for breakfast

Mummy dear, Mummy dear

They got to have 'em in Texas

Cos everyone's a millionaire

Re: While Watching Some Exciting Personality Do The Good Work

That's a great line Pedr( Peatle) my favourite is, take a look at my girlfriend, shes the only one ive got. Not much of a girlfriend, never seem to get a lot. ( what she got, not a lot)
Roger Hodgson, wrote that and many other Supertramp songs, now living in Canada I believe and still gigging and playing Supertramp songs. Find him on line for his live performances, highly recommended.     

Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.

Re: While Watching Some Exciting Personality Do The Good Work

Peatle, et al

For those who may not know, Kippers are split, smoked, salted herring. Herring are high in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. You may want to limit the amount of Kippers if from larger Herring, as they may contribute a greater amount of mercury or PCB's (an environmental contaminant). Sardines are also high in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Since they are much smaller fish, they contribute much less mercury to the diet. So then, which is better? I would say go with the canned sardines. You have a lower exposure to mercury and less salt as well. Throwing in some Kippers once in a while won't be the end of the world though.

as for me - when I was in college I used to eat sardines on crackers but now I I won't either - nor would I eat anchovies they remind me of eyebrows) smile

Now I do like to eat salmon, cod, halibut, catfish, perch, sea bass, clams, shrimp and scallops  .  but that's about it. 
So many rivers are contaminated -

AS for Texas - I only been there about 8 times - loved it. It is huge - Me and a friend  hitch-hiked through it once right after I graduated college. A semi truck picked us up one evening and told us we we were crazy for hitch hiking - we told him we weren't too scared - (we were thinking he was talking about getting robbed since we didn't have more that $45 between the two of us).  Then he told us no, not that  ,,,,,,  then he said " the sun gets the pavement real hot during the day - and when it gets cold at night - all the rattlesnakes come out and travel on it -   and because so many rodents and other small game so the same - it was prime hunting area.   as we traveled farther up the road - sure as anything - we saw probably over a hundred huge rattlesnakes as we rode through the night.

Also, Buddy Holly was from Lubbock, (West) Texas and used to drive to a recording studio in Clovis, New Mexico.  He and his mates used to drive about 105 miles an hour to get there - trying to get there before they left !!   That was because the time zone change ran through west Texas - so they would leave at 9am  and get there at 8am

As for Breakfast In America - 
1) great group Supertramp - listened to them a lot in college  my favorite song was Bloody Well Right
2) My breakfast is a cup of coffee -and sometimes a blueberry muffin or a yogourt with cheerios and fruit.   
3) Too many Americans pile on pancakes, pastries, tons of bacon and sausage, french toast eggs  etc.... all good stuff once in a while - but I also think its why so many people are overweight. and I get it, if you work at a very strenuous job - that is ok because you burn it off, but so many eat that much and then just sit at a computer all day - not good!

Thank you Brian for the really cool Blizzard - felt good for two weeks in the heat of our summer. Hope it continues.
I was trying end it with another song I wrote - but just haven't had the time.  Soon I hope.

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Re: While Watching Some Exciting Personality Do The Good Work

Peatle Jville wrote:

Maybe our mate Neo over in Ozz straylia when  at the Wanneroo Folk Club  could sing us a breakfast song.

Could we have kippers for breakfast

Mummy dear, Mummy dear

They got to have 'em in Texas

Cos everyone's a millionaire

It's funny you say that Peatle, a couple of months ago we had some new people join us at the Merriwa Folk club, and they did this song!! I watched the guy on guitar as I've never been able to get the right 'feel' for this song, but his wife sang it well. With 15 performers doing 2 songs each, I don't always remember every song everyone does, but this one stood out as I hadn't heard it for so long!!!



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Re: While Watching Some Exciting Personality Do The Good Work

Piri when I was a kid I use to do a bit of the Mamas and Papas California Dreaming in my head. By the time I had grown up and I had actually got to California those American girls were the last thing on my mind. Though I did go out with a Texas Gal for a little while many years back she was a bit of fun and also not what she appeared..  That was in Sydney in another time and part of another chapter in my life. When I met her and started going out for a little bit with her she omitted to tell me an important fact that she was married to a man in the USA. Without going into detail another Supertramp Song Lyric from Take The Long Way Home . Thank you for putting me onto  the Roger Hodgson videos 

There are times that you feel you're part of the scenery
All the greenery is comin' down, boy
And then your wife seems to think you're part of the furniture
Oh, it's peculiar, she used to be so nice

Jim, with all plastic inside fish now that and mercury we got think what’s in the fish we eat  from the sea or rivers. Where my 102 year old mum was brought up a little Island called Ovalau part of Fiji, fishing in our family village was very much a community affair.

Kiwi’s use to eat a lot takeaway British style fish and chip years ago but now they tend to eat other things. After the Fastfood invasion from overseas many of our local kids diets and health went downhill fast. Mac Donalds, Pizza Hutt , Kentucky Fried all over NZ now. The other things is Chinese and Indian plus Turkish Kebab style takeout food all over NZ, Many restaurants  here also do a big trade not in inhouse eating but Uber Eats.

For breakfast I usually have a cup of tea some fruit. I also have toasted Vogel toast bread a mixed grain bread sometimes with egg  or occasionally tomato for breakfast. Though if in a rush I will have the Vogel toast with  bit of vegetable margarine and marmite or maybe a nice spread of Marmalade on my vogels.

Richard  your folk club on video comes across  as having  a good loyal supportive crowd . Long live Folk music made  by real people like yourself.