Topic: Peatle Fever

Dr Dr i need you help please
i cant say or write anything
without making it rhyme.
I`ve got a bad case of Peatle fever.

take these  pills twice a day
that should make the rhymes go away
if that doesnt work, take 100 pills a day
that way you will be so busy taking pills
that you wont have any time to rhyme. 

The King Of Audio Torture

Re: Peatle Fever

Nurse Nurse I have got this curse

Can we hit reverse.

These  words that rhyme

Are taking up all my time

Following me all around

Anywhere where there is ground they can be found

Please help me turn this around

I try to throw then in the water

And still they won’t drown

My friends and family are now calling me the poetry clown

It wont be long before they make me leave chordie town

Put me down if they can't turn me around

Before they lay me down and put me in a hearse

Help me get rid of this curse of verse     

Re: Peatle Fever

Curse of verse you are most wrong
Some of your rhymes most certainly pong
Chordie readers will all agree
That your demise will make us bleed
Never leave this hallowed place
Please both stay with God's own grace
Rock us with your charming wit
And please leave out the swear words     

Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.

Re: Peatle Fever

Your polite request is my demand
Even with my lack of charm
I do not mean to harm
I will only use words
like verbs and nouns
And all  the other names
They use for none expletive's
And how they sound