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Inspired a little by "Being For the Benifit of Mr Kite" this came to me this morning after reading the poems written by Peatle and Brian but not by the spammer also on there. It tells the tale of Jake, a circus act famous for his act finale which was to leap from the high wire into the safety net, which was sabotaged by a jealous performer that wanted his job and fame.

The Tragic Demise of Jake the Jumper.

Gather `round for tales of great wonder
Of sadness and grief for a life cast asunder
Up high on a wire or tumbling on ground
Jesting and clowning while prancing around
Join the peasants and gentry and all in-betweeners
Cry "Ooh and Ahh" at out great entertainment
"INTRODUCING JAKE" our high flying athelete
Death defying feats and entertaining antics
From up high to the ground he will plunge without fear
Into a net whilst drinking a beer
Three times each night he will walk on a wire
Higher than stars he appears eating fire
On a trapeze he will swing like an African monkey
Lastly to fall in the net not too gently
This night a hand secretly holding tight
Cut through the ropes with a short bladed knife
The ropes held the net as Jake he performed
It fell to the floor, but no one was warned
Through his routine he sped just like the norm
At the end of his act all eyes on his form
He spread out his arms for his death defying leap
He jumped to the ground crumpled in a heap
Poor Jake no more would he amaze all the crowds
An other appeared- but he is jailed now
Alas, there ends the tale of talent and hate
Envy the killer, the noose will await
While Jake was a star and his killer a clown
Jakes name remebered, the killers unknown. 

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Good one Phill

Was that based on a true story ?


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Hi Jim. No pure fiction, I like making stories up     

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thats a real goodie     

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I like it Piri

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Man your words work good as your imagination fly’s