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more of a short story than a poem i think

any way found this in an old file couldn't remember if i posted it before . after rereading i need to redo the song that came out of this i left out some good stuff in the song

i sat and watched the rain today, i sometimes like the rain but today it just matched my mood. no wind to move the storm just grey and blue .i cant stop the rain any more than i can stop the feelings so i sat and watched
no one would see the tear among the rain drops or the cloud over my head among the storm clouds. i fade into the storm like a ice cube melts in my drink the two become indistinguishable, how can you cleansed by the rain when you are the rain when you are the cloud that darkens the sky. i pray for wind to blow the rain to sea but there is no wind not a breath of life. the  wind would only take me away with the storm to rain on some one else so i sit and watch, just sit and watch
just wanting to flow away with the streams forming on the ground trying to find my way to the sea. but there are no answers there, only would i evaporate into the sea mist destine to form another cloud and find my may back to land and turn to rain once again, so i sit and watch
i want to write a song but there is no music in me, no energy or desire to force the music out, only the rain. still the words fall from the cloud like rain on the trees. the words flow like the stream forming in the dust. and like the rain sometimes they come in a down pour and sometimes they come in a sprinkle and sometimes not at all. so i sit and watch
i cant stop the words no more than i can stop the rain, so they stain the page like the water from the sky. the page blows away in the wind along with the clouds because the words are like me today dark and blue, one with the rain. because the words are like the rain i suppose that is why they only come when the sky is dark. they well up to form a cloud and then come pouring down. sometimes i catch the words on paper like rain in a glass but  mostly they wash away with the stream looking for the i sit and watch
and like the rain the words eventually slow to a sprinkle and stop altogether as the wind moves the cloud and they dry up and disappear when the sun finally shines through. i really need the sun today, so i sit and watch
the rain has stopped and somewhere a bird is singing again maybe now the music will return and i will pick my self up. now the rain has stopped, another flood has come and gone and i just sat and watched. 

out of tune out of key and out of touch

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Re: watched it rain

That is a very good piece of writing Mojo lots of good layers interesting way of bringing all the different elements and emotions together.