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Topic: Ham ( A Peatle & Easy production)

Peatle and i having a bit of fun on a wet day.

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Re: Ham ( A Peatle & Easy production)

Well done you two. Very short and the video was crackling!,, I take it that will be included in the next kids book by our eminent kids author?     

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Re: Ham ( A Peatle & Easy production)

Haha, nice!!



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Re: Ham ( A Peatle & Easy production)

Brians, Ham poem for kids made me think of Arnold Ziffel and also that old nursery rhyme "This Little Piggy Went To Market.


Re: Ham ( A Peatle & Easy production)

easy and Peatle that was great!  Well done you two collaborating on this one.  I liked the simplicity of it and I agree, kids would like that one.     

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Re: Ham ( A Peatle & Easy production)


Peatle- I was thinking Arnold Ziffle too ! 

that was hilarious.


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