Topic: Acoustic Tuning.

Hi, Iv'e been wondering if anyone could tell me what tunings  do people use on their acoustic's  because their strings seem to be very loose, they seem to be playing songs that are in standard tunings however they can bend the strings around really easy. When i play in standard tuning my strings seem to be tight.  Any thoughts on this ?
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i sometimes use d tuning i can still play the same open chords in d     

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Re: Acoustic Tuning.

the easiest way to bend strings is to put on a lighter gauge string. if you feel your strings are too tight try a lighter gauge, substitute a normal 10, 11 or 12 gauge for a 9 gauge. 9's may be too light and sound out of tune if you're a heavy handed player like me? also i find ernie ball strings bend easy. too easy for me. de-tuning two steps may also help but then you'll have to transpose all the songs you play up two steps!     

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Re: Acoustic Tuning.

thank you