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I always get great poem replies to these kids poems
i look forward to this one getting your brains and keyboard working.

Grandads Computer
grandads not good with computers
he always makes mistakes
he goes red in the face
and says naughty words
i try to help him
though im 5 years old
oh but my grandad
he just wont be told
grandads got a new cellphone
more naughty words 

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easybeat, I can totally visualise that one!  lol I think most of us could actually hahaha.  I must admit I hate getting new computer or cellphones or any gadget that I have to re-learn how to use.     

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Good one EB you hit the nail on the head with this one.     

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That's a good one!!!



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Exactly !  So spot on.

Quite fantastic - perfect insight.

Keep 'em coming   

your poems like these cause many smiles


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