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Topic: Song from the "Killer Bees" movie

Hello everyone,

does anybody know what's the name of the main theme of "Killer Bees!" movie (2002)?

Many thanks in advance smile

Re: Song from the "Killer Bees" movie

The 2002 movie "Killer Bees!" is a documentary film about a high school basketball team in Bridgehampton, New York. It does not have a traditional composed musical score or a well-known main theme like fictional feature films often do. Instead, the film might feature various songs and music tracks that are part of the documentary's soundtrack, but there isn't a single iconic theme associated with the movie. If you're looking for a specific song from the film, you may need to check the film's credits or soundtrack listing for more information.     

Re: Song from the "Killer Bees" movie

I think documentaries try to be as truthful as possible, and the music theme can be distracting.