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Topic: Keep Rolling On

Dropped in things look quiet on here so I thought I would put up a Kiwi Folk Song  by Luke Thompson.


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I liked that a lot - thought he was excellent.

I have been away a week on vacation  with my family - one of the best weeks of my life.
So much fun having all my kids and grandkids together in one place with my wife and I.
Topsail Island, NC  - it is a paradise for sure

Thanks for posting this Peatle !
Here is a link to Guy Clark - keeping with the " roll" theme ! smile



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Re: Keep Rolling On

Thank you, Jim, that Guy Clark video was brilliant. One of the things with my family getting older it is getting harder to get everyone together but I love it when we do. My mum turns 103  in September so hopefully we will get a few family members together for that.   
Here is a kiwi song about Mums.

Re: Keep Rolling On

I especially like the line "And I'll keep rolling on, no matter what the storm may bring." It's a reminder that we should never give up, no matter how difficult things may seem.