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Topic: This Song always Resonates With Me

Here  in New Zealand we use the words working class. The first time I went to the USA a lady asked me if I liked American Country Music and I told her, I liked Johnny Cash singing  The Man In Black . She said to me your obviously a Blue Collar Man . At the time I thought she meant I like blue shirts and I thought thats a bit of a weird thing to say about me liking a song about a man in black. Later on I found out when the penny dropped  that she meant  "Working Class" her statement made sense.


Re: This Song always Resonates With Me

Johnny sings to all of us about sorrow and misery. He doesn't forget poor people or soldiers. Still he hopes that things will be okay some day. I have listened this song hundreds of times with my finnish friends. One of Johnnys masterpiece as a songwriter and composer. Song touches deeply all of us in this world filled with sorrow and fear.     

Re: This Song always Resonates With Me

Well I also really like country music, however I have never listened to Johnny's music. Can you recommend me some articles?