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See The Light Do Right
Putting lives into a nutshell
Making it short
Glossing over the short-term emotional hell
Telling stories
That entertain
Family history  that came about causing some pain
Digging into a well
Not to send lambs to the slaughter
Love your sons and your daughters
Out of storms there ends up a calm
The dangling carrot
Grabbed by the vulnerable
Doesn’t  make someone dishonourable
A barking hound at the heal
Reminds a child not to steal
Turn things around
Give every one you meet a good deal
Be honest
Be good
Don’t steal
Come clean
Don’t be obscene 

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A lesson in verse Pedr.  Nicely written. Lesson learned.     

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that is so good     

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Thank you. Piri, and Brian for taking time to read and make a comment. I wrote this poem after talking to a friend of mine about how teenagers can go from bad to good. When a teenager goes through a bad stage sometimes parents struggle and you wonder if the kid will ever stop going of the rails.  But when and if they do come right you have to put those bad experience behind you. C S. Lewis summed it up well when he wrote,” Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.”     

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Well written Peatle - so true

CS Lewis quote is spote on !

Thanks for sharing!



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Good message Peatle, well done.     

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