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this is a sermon on the demon drink. (yeah right!) I like the name Chackrobarthi, if that's how it's spelt? and the fact that I'm always losing my socks, not both just one, read on....please remember I have a wierd sense of humour

Mr. Chackrobarthi and the Lost Socks.

Mr. Chackrobarthi
Got invited to a party
There was food; so much and varied
From pizza to cakes and cherries
And whiskey served with water
To celebrate the daughter
Of his sister's older brother
But he never spoke to either
Due to arguments and bother
So he sat there in the corner
Drinking whiskey without water
So he drank more than he aught-a
Till he swayed and fell and stumbled
In the rain and so he fumbled
With the key to his front door
Falling from his hand to the floor
When he stripped off all his clothes
Which were strewn across the floor
In the morning he was searching
For the socks he had been wearing
In the washer. In the basket. In his shoes
And in the attic
But the socks were in his pocket
In his trousers so he'd locked it
In the wall safe in his office
They were wet from last nights deluge
And they dripped and soaked his refuge
The lease for all his properties
Now papier mache tragedies
That's how Mr. Chackrobarthi
Became a pauper for a pair of sodden socks.

N.B. Sodden means soaking wet, not swearing

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Clever - I love it!

that can't be about you !


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Re: Mr. Chackrobarthi and the lost socks

Piri  I like this name Chackrobathi.

Miss matched shoes and socks each different colours for some of the young around here seems to be a bit of fashion statement nowdays. Mr Chackrobarthi a great name and your writing is right up my street when it comes to humour.  I remember as a kid being introduced to the Pippi Longstocking story and her horse Lilla Gubben. A few years ago I found out Lilla Gubben means “little old man”.in Swedish. I knew a horse whose  leg stocking were different colours  and the owner use to call her Pippi Oddsocks. Sorry about my boring Segway excellent writing  by you Piri. Anyway Piri your comedic writing style would give David Nobbs writing good competition. Mr Chackrobarthi drunken socks brought from the grot shop.  I guess using  the saying pull up your socks Mr Chackrobarthi takes on a different meaning here. Woops Ive lost the plot. I can hear that name Chackrobathi been used in a song. I am trying to remember who sang these lyrics or something close after reading your poem here.

Goo goo, goo goo Barabajagal was my name now,
Goo goo, goo goo Barabajagal was my name now.

Not goo goo  goo Chackrobarthi  was my name now.

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Thank you Jim. No this one isn't based on me, though I like a drop of Irish whiskey but no Scotch whisky! And certainly not with water. In the UK we have a tradition of the corner shop or convenience store which Mr Chackrobarthi ownes several along with a few houses and flats or apartments so his deeds and contracts being mulched would, in the story at least, would leave him penniless. Any similarity to persons living or dead is accidental and the imagination of the writer. I just thought I'd add that incase I get sued...     

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Shwmae Pedr? It seems every time I put a pair of socks in the Washing I get out one less than I put in. I suppose I could wear miss matched socks and tell everyone that I have another pair at home just the same?
It seems since I gave up gigging I have been writing at least one new song a week. Well the last couple of weeks I haven't come up with anything I want to make into a song, so I guess that's why the poems, or rhymes, have been appearing. Normal service will be resumed shortly.     

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Fab  yeah yeah yeah     

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Phill, lol very good piece of writing, cleverly written.  And whether we lock up our socks in a wall safe or whatever, I think a missing sock seems to be a universal problem.  Can't for the life of me figure where they go sometimes.     

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