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Theres been some left field poems recently thought i`d add another
Fast Lane
she burned her life
living in the fast lane
all the drugs she`d taken
and men she`d slept
her life went down the drain
she was only 30
though looked of 20 more
then that fateful night
after another day drinking alone
she was run over
while sleeping on the road
and so ending her life
as she had lived it
in the fast lane

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MiLord Brian, that made me stop and think. I've never taken drugs and don't drink to excess any more. But your poem is surely a warning set out in a straight and formidable way. Well done and I hope the message gets through.     

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Brilliant piece of writing.... methinks in the end it was death in the fast lane all along.
Might wonder if any of those men she slept with ended up in a similar way.



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That works EB and within your thought-provoking quirky poem is a story that could be about many who have lost their way by travelling in the wrong lane.     

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A thoughtful poem for sure.     

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