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We  were  approached to  do  a  video  at   Huddersfield   University  where  my  son lectures  .
A  team of    3   final   year  students   made   this   vid  for  us  I  think   they  did  a  good  job   ,please   comment    and  let  us  know  what  you  think.
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That was really good Grah1, thoroughly enjoyed it.     

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Great performance - love it!!   Superb lyrics.     Music was absolutely fab and I am glad to hear your voice is back !   Looking forward to many new recordings.  Way to go Graham et al absolute joy to listen to!! 

Cheers   Jim     

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Excellent camera angles and sound quality spot on.  Well written song also.     

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It was great all round! Only thing I'd recommend next time is to keep the credits on the screen for longer at the end.



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