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Harmonica Man
Ronald Sterry is his name
He is 74 lives alone in his home
Doesn't drink doesn't smoke
Loves talking to people
Loves to joke
Plays his harmonica
Dingo is his other name
Because harmonica is his favourite game
Most know him as Harmonica Man
I tell him I sing and play guitar bad
He plays the harmonica 
We laugh that is ok
He knows many songs 
He knows how to joke
Many  from all walks of life
Stop for a chat
To hear him play
In our city 
Most days
Before he retired
He worked as a garbage collector
Running around Wellington streets
Now today part of his permanent beat
Is Cuba Street
Playing harmonica while tapping his feet. 

Re: Harmonica Man

Having seen your video Pedr, I have one question; how does he find his mouth to play?

Great poem by the way     

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Nice poem Peatle !

Reminds me of the song Mr. Bojangles by Jerry Jeff Walker

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Re: Harmonica Man

Cheers Jim and Piri thank you for your comments. Harmonica Man he looks like a character out of "The Lord Of The Rings" film. How he gets the mouthorgan passed his beard to his lips is a feat in itself I should imagine. I will attach a short video of me chatting to him.