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And in about 4 months we will be doing this

I may be goin' to hell in a bucket babe

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mhebert wrote:

Hey Brad here's one for you

and the kitchen party of course … mp;search=

Thank you Mike  that was beautiful. I've seen all those places on our island and the singer is Asilen Debison from my home town of Glace Bay.  This place truly is "The Isle Of My Heart" I wrote a song about this place I'll post soon. Thanks again for the great clips.

av a gud un... Brad.

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I'm from the Philadelphia area, and so was he.  I remember <yep, I'm old enough--grin>  the local (AM) radio stations would play him a lot before he became popular.  Always loved his music.  Still one of my favorites 30+ years later.... Check out "Lover's Cross"

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Today (Sept 20th) is the 34th anniversary of the untimely death of Jim Croce. 
As we have this topic going already why not play / listen to your favourite JC track and rememeber a great singer / songwriter. Like so many taken way too early.


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I didn't know that David.  Thanks for mentioning.  I listened to "Don't Mess Around with Jim", "Roller Derby Queen", and "Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown" this morning in my car.  Now I know why. 

- Zurf

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