Topic: Tom Petty --Louisiana rain- PLEASE HELP

Can someone please help me with this one.
I have the words but not the chords.
Maybe your advanced further than me and could listen and give me the chords.
I would really love to play this for my wife.
Please help

Re: Tom Petty --Louisiana rain- PLEASE HELP

hi drantle i've had a search for you but the only tom petty songs i found you have to pay for...on yahoo...

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool

Re: Tom Petty --Louisiana rain- PLEASE HELP

Standard tuning... GCGD, same on chorus with, I believe an Em thrown in between the G and C. I believe this is correct and hope it helps.

Re: Tom Petty --Louisiana rain- PLEASE HELP

I hear an A chord after the E minor. On this tune it helps to jot the chords in red ink over the lyric syllable where it hits.

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