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Hi There:

Just wanted to start off by saying what a great thing Chordie has been for me since I discovered it a few months back. While still laughable, my playing has improved dramatically since I've been coming here if for no other reason than the huge amount of songs available. I'll be driving around and hear a song on the radio that I think I'd like to try playing, and sure enough, 99 times out of 100, it's here and in a format I can at least fumble my way through. The huge amount of listings also fits nicely with my short attention span (ooo! there's one I'd like to try! <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_wink.gif" border=0 alt="Wink"> ).

I may never get one perfect, but there are so many to try, I can't help but improve generally simply because I try them all!

My question involves the song books. I have been adding songs to my song book and modifying them to my own playing style. The song book is always available when I'm on line, but I was wondering where it is stored.

I don't have any material stored on-line myself, so it must be elsewhere. I have never seen one of my modifications included with the standard listings, so I'm assuming that my versions stay limited to my songbook. If I were to make my songbook public, would they show up on a search or would someone have to access my songbook to see them?

Anyways, with the assault on tab sites appearing to be gathering steam, it's always gratifying to find Chordie up and running.

Long live Chordie and Thanks for hosting such a valuable resource and learing tool!

Re: Generic Questions and Praise

Chordie do not host songs. It indexes them, and formats them on the fly.

Your changes to the songs are stored.

If you publish the book (in the menu below your songbook) your songbook will be availiable online, but it is still really only links to songs. The songs might still disappear if the original site goes down..

Re: Generic Questions and Praise

Hi Again:

Thanks for the clarification.

I knew that the Chordie site itself did not host songs, but I was unsure as to where my versions of the songs were resident. Your reply makes it seem as if my versions are stored on the original host for the song, which would mean that, should the owner of the originating host decide to clean up his system, ie., clean out all those irritating modified/unknown versions of his original transcription, my versions could be deleted.

Am I close to being right?

Just in case I am, I'm going to try to save my songs locally.

Thanks again


Re: Generic Questions and Praise

Your private songbook will still be there. Your public songbook will be but offline if some of the songs are not available.

Saving a backup is always a good idea.