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OK, I've had this idea for a topic & haven't posted it because I can't think of an answer, but I'm going to post it anyway.

They make a movie--your life story...what actor plays you, and what is the theme song.

I'm thinking Michael Keaton would play me...and I'm still working on the theme song...early me might be 5:15 The I love that song....

This might be a very dumb topic....but what the heck....

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Not dumb.....great topic!

That said, no idea who would play me.....if I hadn't posted links where I'm visible then I would try and suggest Brad Pitt etc to play me.....sadly, I think perhaps I'll need to choose someone more believable. Maybe Kevin Spacey?

Theme tune, hmmmmmmmm. Have to say, I love Lust for Life in Trainspotting so I'd maybe just rip that off.

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I have a beter idea for my movie, I'm going to play me, and Jessica Alba is my leading we're talkin'!

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I am told by my wife that I have extreme variating mood swings yet still maintain balance and success in my career and family. I consider this a huge compliment. So given this information I would have Jack Black play yours truly and my theme song would have to be, "We Are The Champions."
The 'we' is the array of personalities that live under my skin. I'll have to go with Carmen Diaz to play my wife and Uma Thurman to play my mistress....NOW we're really talkin'!!!!

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You know, I was thinking of having Carmen Diaz as my mistress, so that works out well!! ha!

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I didn't made a film yet.BUT:
- Double Jeopardy.
- The Right Temptation.
I still know when I saw these two movies: 26 August 2000 (1 week before my car crash) 25Frankster please, my girlfriend Cameron, will remember you, but actually she's still mine.

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I was told again just about twenty minutes ago that I reminded someone of Nicolas Cage, particularly with my voice.  In that I am neither buff nor covered in tattoos I'm not sure how that can be, but there you have it.  So, I guess Nicolas Cage would play me.  He'd have to put on some weight, though.  Pizza and beer diet for a few months ought to do it.

Theme some is easy: Rich Kid Doctor by Ken "Dirty Ed" Willis. 

If you haven't camped out by a smallmouth river in West Virginia, you probably haven't heard it.  BUT if you'd LIKE to hear it, check out my buddy Dirty Ed at this site:

The song Rich Kid Doctor is on the Hell or High Water album.   

The albums were distributed free to friends with the following disclaimer, "Recorded in a spare bedroom on a cheap microphone while under the influence of adult beverages."   Mike has permission to post the songs.  Play them, enjoy them, just don't sell them.  Any money that can be earned from the songs goes to the Dirty Ed beer fund, which frankly requires substantial funding. 

- Zurf

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Has to be Gary Oldman. One of the best Actors around imo.

Theme song?  Probably Made Of Stone - Stone Roses. No reason for it, I just love that song. smile


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Great tune. Decent shout Craig

All I got, is a red guitar, three chords and the truth

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Lord that'd be a long movie, not that Ive lived that long (Im 16 and green) but Ive done alot and been a lot of places.
The soundtrack would be something like-

'Ive always been crazy'-waylon jennings
'guitar money'-bocephus
'tuesday's gone'- lynyrd skynyrd

Not sure who would play me, I don't think I look like any famous people. Would have to be somebody who could pull off a drawl though lol, maybe reese witherspoon could do it like she did June Carter and I could pretend I look like that big_smile
I DO know that ray's parents off of Everybody loves raymond would have to play my grandparents, and ron white could be papa haha

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25Frankster wrote:

I have a beter idea for my movie, I'm going to play me, and Jessica Alba is my leading we're talkin'!