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been to see anyone lately.............last night seasick steve in liverpool...........3 strings on his guitar hobo..........swamp music slider stylee...............why havnt we got a reviews section anyway...............for up and coming bands and established bands.......tala

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Re: reviews of bands

I haven't seen any one lately but thought I'd respond  I think the category Bands and Artist is pretty much what you are suggesting. From what I gather by the desciption it is a place to list new and upcoming bands for others to check out and also to post your own projects. I'm sure reviews are welcome in the section also.
    I keep checking dates for either Jack Johnson or Ben Harper to come within driving distance. They always put on a great show. I actually got a chance to sit down and talk with Jack at the last show I attended. It was several years ago when he was still fairly new. He used to come down and surf locally (Myrtle Beach) and always played at a few of the clubs. A real nice guy...down to earth. Peace!

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Re: reviews of bands

Not seen anyone lately but I've got The Pigeon Detectives and Kings Of Leon to look forward too in a couple of weeks. smile

Would love to see Seasick Steve though, saw him on telly at Glastonbury, fantastic. smile


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