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Hey guys and gals!!!!!!
Sorry I've been M.I.A. for many months now.  I'll catch ya all up. My wife Leah just had a boy 2 days before Thanksgiving. His name is Matthias and he is 21 inches long and 8 3/4 pounds. I've been working with a band called Noble Vessels and working on improving my organ skills as well as working as a body man at a Mack dealership. I just got a house here in Murphysboro Il and while it's my first place that isn't an apartment or a box made mostley of aluminum and paneling, it's a pretty lame town so if anyone is close to here please bring an axe and help me livin it up. Anyway I have a lot of posts to read so I'll see you all later.

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Welcome Back, Michael!
I certainly has been an eventful few months for you - wife, son, new band, house, job . . . wow! 

Hope that both you and Leah are getting enough sleep - I firmly believe the initial few months of sleep deprivation makes all parents loony.  It just takes about 15 years for the effects to manifest fully.

Lots of new forum participants in recent months.  Lots of new contributors and songs in the Songwriting section.  I have a MySpace Music page now (see link to left) and put up a new song every week.

Glad to have you back and glad to know that all is well.  Congratulations on being a husband and father - your kid has a cool dad.


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Nice to have you back Mike, boy have you been busy.


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