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Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a guitar man of wealth and taste
I've been around for a long, long year
But ended up in a hospital.

But I hope you still know my name
It is gitaar who's here again.

So as you can see: I AM BACK IN BUSINESS.
Like it always is: you know when you go to a hospital, nut you never now when you GET BACK, GET BACK to where you once belonged. When I was younger, so much younger than today,
I never needed anybody's help in any way. And the most typical, being a DOC is now,  these days are gone, I'm not so self assured. You should be not so self assured when problems are added on other existing problems giving you a high, large and dramatic stash.

1) They detected extra lesions higher in my back. I don't know why this wasn't detected 5-7 years ago. Probably is the reason, that they focused more on my my 4th Lumbar Vertebra, and here in Belgium, they are not allowed to do more than ONE MRI-scan (the famous scan in the basement where you have to give every metal). I was aware of extra problems but here I was surprised, in a bad way.
2) They also looked in my stomach and oesophagus where they found "ulcers" (a lot, bleeding when touching them). A lot of people have this problem, and you have 4 degrees. I  II  III  IV. I have a IV, which is not so common, and thinking about all this: I should be DEAD. I almost didn't eat the last weeks and you can't imagine how "scared" I was. Eating to late resulted, when I was sleeping, in an acid taste followed by vomiting. THIS IS HORRIBLE, there are a few Rock stars, like BONHAM (Zeppelin), Jim Morisson, Keith Moon, who died of a similar problem: vomiting without waking up, and dead because it enters in your airways.
I put this in a topic, necessary or not, to tell about problems occurring and, I repeat, this is typical for MD's, waiting until it is starting to be that bad, that you play with your life.
TRY to react faster, and don't do what I did, going to a hospital at the last minute.
Please feel free to ask questions, remarks, comment. I am who I am.

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Re: Sweet docphil in time

HI Lieven
glad to see yer back out for chrimbo time.
So, are ye going to be ok then? I dont think ye mentioned this in yer post.
Have they or can they fix you up to stop so much pain?

If you feel the need to read through all the posts that have been posted in yer absence then yer going to be reading for a few days, lol

Glad though yer out

all the best


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Re: Sweet docphil in time

Remember the T V show "Welcome Back Cotter" well the song applies here   "Welcome back, welcome back , wel..come back". Good to see ya back doc, hope the holiday's will be good to you.

Season"s Greetings... Badeye.

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Re: Sweet docphil in time

Hi Doc
Glad you are out of hospital for a while.
Sorry they have found more wrong with you.
I must say I admire your outlook on life.
Hope you are able to have a good Christmas.

Re: Sweet docphil in time

doctor  i welcome you back to the world and pray for a speedy recovery and look forward to your posts they are unique as you so follow your physitions advise and heal up theres so much living to do

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Re: Sweet docphil in time

Hello Lieven,

Missed you while you were away. Glad to hear that you're back home. I hope you continue to feel better as time passes. Take it easy cool cat.

Peace and Guitars,

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Re: Sweet docphil in time

welcome back doc,
sorry to hear about that... ulcers they say are caused by stress. My grandmother has  a pretty bad one. Hope you can find some kind of relief... God Bless,

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Jeezoh Doc! Like Ken says, have they sorted you out? Do they have a plan in place to get you through this?
I wish you a happy Christmas and pray that you get yourself on the mend as quickly as possible.

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Re: Sweet docphil in time

Welcome back Doc.

Not much I can say that hasn't been said, but I sure as hell hope you get fixed up soon. Take care bud and have a good Christmas......:)


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