Topic: Ovation or Martin?

Which would you prefer?

Ive got an Ovation Celebrity but I want to swap it with a mate who has a Martin, and his is a feckin awesome guitar, just not sure as I bought the Ovation because I always wanted one, and its originality was a significant factor when i bought it, the Martin doesnt look much at all but holey crap does it sound amazing!!!

So what are your thoughts on this?

Re: Ovation or Martin?

Ovation puts every year a kind of COLLECTORS guitar in limited edition.
They started, if I am not wrong, about 30 years.
I had an Ovation,     
COLLECTOR'S SERIES Collector's Series
Collector serie made in 1997. The headstock looked strong like a Spanish Guitar giving the opportunity (I THINK) to put nylon strings too.
There was a problem with this guitar, and she has been 5 times back to the store to fix the problem. She played pretty good, but an ovation for me is a guitar YOU NEED TO PLUG IN AN ACOUSTIC AMP, when you play a, ovation without an amp, the sound is definitely weak.
About Martin: I have an electro-acoustic dreadnought, the sound is "fantastic", AND if you don't use an amp, you still have an "unplugged" sound, a lot better than an ovation.
My personal choice is a MARTIN D1 , (AFFORDABLE), but I just read that this model is discontinued. I also believe that this Martin D-1, is probably the only Martin, using "laminated" sides. TOP: Solid Sitka Spruce          BACK MATERIAL: Solid Genuine Mahogany
SIDE MATERIAL: Laminated Mahogany. Overall rating:  Product Rating: 5.0=best rating, 5 stars.
My Martin D-1 has electronics on board, and with or without an amp, this beauty plays real loud.
I tried to compare prices: at 889$ (probably without the pre-amp, to play electro-acoustic. I just found an acoustic guitar, the name of the brand is MATON.
Are there chordians who are familiar with this MATON? It is not a very cheap guitar, and they produce different guitars.

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Re: Ovation or Martin?

Martin makes THE finest acoustic guitar on the face of the earth, no questions asked.  I Played an Ovation celebrity that my buddy had, it wasn't that great, and ironically enough he ended up trading it in for a fender amp.  Man if you can get a Martin, go for it.

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Re: Ovation or Martin?

As long as the instrument makes the right notes, the rest is all a matter of preference.  However, given that choice of trading an Ovation Celebrity for a Martin, I'd jump on it.  Assuming of course that they're relatively equal value on the used instrument market.  Both companies make a fairly wide assortment of guitars.  Ovation makes guitars from the mediocre to the truly mind-blowingly expensive, Martin starts at the better than average and goes on up from there.  I'd think twice about trading a super-amazing Ovation Celebrity I could sell for $1,500 to get a Martin I could buy for $450.  But if we're talking roughly equivalent guitars, I'd jump all over that deal in a heartbeat.

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Re: Ovation or Martin?

I got a martin d-16 a year ago and it just sounds better and better it looks as plain as can be but its the sound that gets every ones attention.. gotta be the martin