Topic: what is the secret to become big

There are thousands of bands, playing real good. I was 5 years ago in a professional studio, in the basement of a good friend, once a member of a YUGOSLAVIAN band SMAK. I found his adress, in fact the whole information about that friend when the name of his band "popped up." In fact this band was HUGE in ex-Yugoslavia, performing together, not as first act, but main act with, the at that time still the original members, DEEP PURPLE. I recorded 2-3 songs, he told me that I could play very easy with most mainstream American bands. This is far the nicest compliment you can get.
But what is the secret to become big.
A stupid remark, I start playing with UYK, Guitarpix, James, Southpaw, Russel, Old doll, guitarpix, a dream I posted already, the love and joy to have a big chordian meeting.
This is just hypothetical, we all try to play and to give and share our musical aspirations.
So we have a band and what comes next?
Some great songs, are blown away by another band playing the same style, but they come from ZERO to HERO.
Southpaw has maybe the answer. 
EXAMPLE: 5 bands, same level, good performers, same song, but 1 band gets famous.
- is it chemistry
- the looks
- equipment
- WHY are some bands so big?
This question follows me since years, after my Canadian holiday.

There are a lot of bands, playing bad, because the guitar player knows only a few chords, and a lot more.
What is the receipt to see a band, with less potential, playing only 2 years, becoming BIG, while another, having skilled players, stay low profile.

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Re: what is the secret to become big

Hi Lieven,

Cynical old me would reckon that it is the band with the most money behind them to promote them that would get the hit. Long gone are the days when a band would serve an apprenticeship in bars and clubs and work their way to the top. Today it is the band with the best marketing and exposure, and that takes cash to do properly. They may only be a one hit wonder but that seems to me to be the way it is done these days.

Somebody please tell me that I am wrong.


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Re: what is the secret to become big

I reckon most of what you say is true Roger, up to a point.

The best bands that are playing the clubs tend too get picked up and then the cash,  marketing and exposure etc gets thrown at them. A lot of the bands that are doing well at the moment have served an apprenticeship in the clubs, unfortunately you do get the X factor brigade striking it lucky with cash and grabbing their 15 mins of fame.

On the bright side, it seems too me that the ones that actually last and make a career of it tend too be the ones that have done time in the pubs and clubs.


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