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Well, it has been 2 months since I started and I am happy to say that I have made it through my first few songs (Evangeline, Take it easy, Atlantic City).  Whoooooo for me!  Mind you they are no way near perfect, but they are recognizable and I can notice a difference in how my left hand is beginning to work it's "muscle memory".  I still find moving from G to C and G to D a challenge, but it is improving.  The strumming is also a work in progress, but I am having a blast.

I was psyched to see my first "axe" (Yamaha F-310) listed in the top 10 acoustic post

Thanks to all for the replies to my previous posts.



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Re: My 2 month progress

Good man, don't stop!

I got a tanglewood Indiana pro electro acoustic for christmas not listed anywhere but I love it!


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Re: My 2 month progress

Congrats  I am a begginer too and I guess you're gifted because I could sing my first song after six months,,
keep playing,, and enjoy your guitar

take care:-)

Re: My 2 month progress

Far from gifted.  The operative word here is  "recognizable"  LOL.  My fingers hurst so good.  Stay tuned..............

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Re: My 2 month progress

pj. Glad to hear. I have been playing a month and a 1/2. I have worked on chords and chord progressions as well as some scales and some finger drills i got on I am getting my speed up and was able to butcher silent night at christmas although you could understand what I was playing. Gearing up to work really hard and be playing a few songs in six months. BBDGus let me know how you are doing the next few months.

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Re: My 2 month progress

Keep at it my friend.  I started in exactly the same way about 6 years ago and now guitar playing is a huge part of my life (not to the detriment of my marriage you understand) and I now play occasionally in a local folk club.  The best piece of advice which I was given by a good, guitar-playing friend of mine was just to enjoy where you are at the moment and play at that level.  As long as you do that then improvement will follow but as soon as you start to become aspirational and therefore dis-satisfied with your current level of playing, then everything starts to fall to pieces.  I do fall into the trap myself and every time I do then the guitar playing ceases to be a pleasure, and let's face it, we are all playing for enjoyment.

All the best.


Re: My 2 month progress

Keep up the good work!!

- Zurf

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Re: My 2 month progress

Congrats!  If you have any friends who play it makes it that much more fun!  Don't let your fingers lose those calluses!

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