Topic: Chance to buy an Epiphone Dreadnought

Anyone out there know anything about an Epiphone AJ-100 Dreadnought? A co-worker wants to sell his for $250.00. Is it worth it? I value all opinons.


Re: Chance to buy an Epiphone Dreadnought

My sister has one that she's had for close to thirty years.  It is a terrific sounding instrument.  If it fits your hand, I'd think that's not an unfair price.  It's not a great price, but the guitar is worth the money.  That also assumes that the guitar is in very good condition. 

Check e-Bay and Craigs List and retail outlets for that model to get an idea of the new and used market for that particular model in your particular location.

Best of luck.

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Re: Chance to buy an Epiphone Dreadnought

250's not bad for a nice instrument. Epiphones that I've played before have been pretty good quality, (they WERE mostly older models though), and you won't find a real great sounding guitar at a shop for any lower than that, especially after you buy the case and everything, so if it plays and feels good I say go for it.

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