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I bought the Crossroads Chicago Guitar Festival (2007) a month ago and it was well worth the $23.00 spent. Some highlights for me was Sonny Landreth, Steve Winnwood (he can play guitar) Jeff Becks bass player She's cute and she can really play bass, John Mayer smoked and a few others.  Go out and spend the cash you won't be sorry.

I also bought a Dean Vendeta to take off the neck for my sg project(paid 80.00 dollars) and put a Samick neck on it (bought it at a guitar show for $20.00) It smokes now it's my practice guitar.


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Hey Bootlegger I also got the Chigaco Crossroads Festival ,
its awesome, Also was fortunate to find the reuinion of
Cream. Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker can still
rock after 37 years apart. also just finished Eric Claptons
Bio which is a good read.

  Take Care.... Badeye.

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I've got Crossroads, the 1986 film with Ralph Macchio and Joe Seneca.  It also rocks and cost me about $4.00

Money even weller spent, I feel!


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