Topic: Any easy songs for begginers?

Hey im a begginer plarey and know alot of my chords i know some song but need to find easy songs to play!

Re: Any easy songs for begginers?

Hello pat 33 - On the chordie mainpage, go to the 'Public Books' tab.  There you will find a couple of categories that have just you seek: 'Absolute Beginer' and 'Easy Songs'.  If you browse though some of the collections other users have assembled, you might locate a few songs that tickle your fancy.  Check the other categories as well because there are many songbooks with great (and simple) stuff.

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Re: Any easy songs for begginers?

the easiest way to learn is playing with somone that is a little further along than you,try to stick with songs that have 3 to 4 basic chords that you are comfortable with and have ease switching back and forth.1 major thing to keep in mind and it may not seem to make any sense to you at this time,{concentrate on your picking hand)so many people get caught up in the fretting hand and yes it is important but guitar playing is all about the strumming and picking hand. GOOD LUCK BE PATIENT AND HANG IN THERE.