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Topic: least favorite songs+music+artists

I don't like rap,pop,fall out boy,hannah montana ,those free credit report.com songs,crap i forgot the rest.:mad:also country music.


Re: least favorite songs+music+artists

no rap, nuthin too mainstream, hannah montana i HATE because she took my name and now everywhere i go ppl make stupid hannah montana jokes like thier so smart....
um oh yeah what we were talking about... artists we dont like right. Nickelback, that guys voice sux, but i have to admit the video with billy gibbons was cool.
99.9% of country music made after 1989.... and boy bands.... and justin timberlake.

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Re: least favorite songs+music+artists

Try picking a song from one of your most hated bands and doing an acoustic cover of one of their songs. Can be a very cool experience.

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Re: least favorite songs+music+artists

While I love Jim Croce's music in general, if I never hear Time In A Bottle again, that'll be just fine with me. 

I do not like speed metal.  It reminds me of eighth grade band when folks would play the sheet music but just really, really fast trying to show off.  It didn't work. 

I do not like music that denegrates or insults, excepting a good Go To Hell song.  Country music produces the best Go To Hell songs.  But those insult or denegrate a particular individual in a story format and not just general insult of entire groups.  It's the insulting entire groups I dislike.  Be it racist, mysogynist, or what have you, I just don't like it. 

I do not like music with MIDI drum tracks.  If your song requires drums, hire a drummer.  Or even a percussionist.  I'd rather hear bongos or a shaky egg or a tambourine than MIDI drum tracks. 

I don't like "Talking Country".  You know what I mean, the band playing along and the singer talking over the music - no musicality to his voice just a deep talking tone.  It seems like it always starts out with "Darling..." and winds up with an explanation of why the guy was getting it on with six other women.  But he sounds sincere, anyway, I guess that's what counts. 

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Re: least favorite songs+music+artists

Zurf, give me a set with Rapid Roy, Roller-Derby Queen and Workin' at the Car Wash Blues and I'm a happy camper!  Now if you throw in Good Hearted Woman & Folsom Prison Blues, now you're really talkin'.  I love all those seventh chords.

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Newish emo-boy bands who wear eye-liner make-up on their eyes. Also, the black finger-nail polish on finger-nails is way over the top. If you or anyone you know is doing both or either of the afore mentioned thingies, stop or make them stop, now please! Some of the music coming from these bands are, at best listenable, as was some of the music from the glam rock hair bands of the 80's. But you gotta admit when you see these men dressed liked strippers tryin' to sound tough and cool, most of you laugh yer booties off and pay the music no mind upon initial onset of their appearances. "Those of us who don't learn from our pasts are destined to repeat it." Or something to that effect. Just be yourself, sing and play your instruments to the best of your abilities and leave the fashion trend crap to actors and models.....................

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In general I don't care for rap but there are a few exceptions. As far as bands/Artists... I Hate The Dixie Chicks...:lol: Ummm lets see... I'll have to think for more here.... Oh yea!  How could I forget Justin Timberlake! And since I saw the video for "I believe in a thing called love" I'll never respect Darkness again! If you have a guilty conscience you may punish yourself here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-4VOLeKBOw   That has to be the worst video ever!!:lol:

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