Re: What is it About Martin Owners

There was a story last week in the local free paper about dick appleton and his (and I quote) precious martin guitar doing a gig somewhere.  Locally.

If that makes any sense lol

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Re: What is it About Martin Owners

SGinCYQX wrote:

However, there is still no replacement for quality instruments, and there is no denying that Martin makes a quality instrument.

Well, there actually is some question about that, particularly after Martin went production with their lines.

A quote from another board from a guy that has sold and played dang near every acoustic you could want, on this exact same topic.

... I managed a pretty big acoustic guitar shop in London for a few years. I used to wonder at these guys that would come in and refer to a Martin as a real acoustic. Now I had Larrivees, Gibsons, Lowdens a couple of Santa Cruz' guitars, a few more (it was a while back) and some guys would be blinkered about the tone of a good acoustic. In many ways we were spoilt working there as we could audition instruments on a minute to minute basis. It was good for ones' ear as you would really get to know the sound of the good stuff and very occasionally these would emerge amongst the mid price and budget instruments.

I used to get a fair bit of stick from Phil York who had the UK exclusive on Martin at the time. I found it hard to get behind any guitar that had an identity crisis and in those days a lot of the Martins were quite inconsistent. Take for example the J40M, I never had a pair that sounded even moderately alike. I realise that all guitars will fluctuate a little but the bandwidth that this happened in Martin instruments was quite broad.

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