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Got Katy back from the guitar hospital the other day there (nothing major, just a wee set up) and had my first little jam session with her tonight.....BOY OH I pleased with the result.
Not a bum note in sight, a MAJOR first for moi, I can tell ya. Chords dripping off her like honey straight from the comb, notes singing out like the sweetest angels from heaven. Not one bit of fret buzz to be heard, hands gliding over her fretboard felt like carresing the neck of Nefertiti herself. 
To say i'm pleased is maybe an understatement. It may well be that it's all in my head but I'm certain I've just spent the best 100 quid of my life on her.

I'd been putting off getting her set up as I was convinced most of the horrible noises she was making were my fault, how wrong I was. smile .........well....maybe not! lol  All I can say is this, if you can afford a little bit of TLC for your favourite little bit of Cedar, Spruce....whatever it may be, then splash out on it, cos if your half as pleased with the result as i am, it'll be the most rewarding thing you've done for a long time. smile:)

Not an ad for them, but many, many thanks to the girls at Strung Out Guitars for the job they done.


Heck, I think I'll marry this guitar!!! lol

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Re: Set ups

I hope you both are happy for a long time.

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Hey Moddish ,
   When ever I'm as pleased with something as you are , I say , I don't care if it's just in my head or not . The result is the same........
   As far as marrying the guitar goes , I've got a wife .
But between my guitars and fiddles , I've got sixteen fiance's . ( don't know how I could ever pick one out above the rest , but it has been , and will be , a long and wonderfull engagement..)

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