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Topic: Bass and guitar

Does anyone else play both here? I play guitar during gigs though.


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Hey gnome ... I just play guitar but question for you regarding a bass ... what is a good starter bass?  A co-worker wants to learn to play bass and I wanted to let him know about a good starter bass ... he wants to play everything from jazz to blues to rock ... I suggested a Fender Jazz bass ... what do you think ?

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Re: Bass and guitar

I have a fender jazz bass. Well ok, it is a fender copy jazz bass.

It has served me well for 20 years. and someone else 20 years before me. My mate is using it in his band just now.

So gnomefry, I play both, or used to until my mate " borrowed it"

I first thought of playing the guitar when i was 12. it had too many strings lol so i moved on to the bass when i was about 13 or 14. I started 6 strings when i was about 21 ish
I do play a lot more guitar than bass, even when i do have it. But i do love getting the 50 watt amp out and slapping some chili peppers stuff on it.


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Hey.The first bass I bought was a peavey millennium 5 bxp.Cost $250. It's good for pretty much every kind of music.The neck is thin so it makes movement easy.If you are plucking it the pickups stay perfectly still.I've dropped it alot and it is still fine.The finish stays on well too.The Fender jazz bass was a good suggestion.The Jaguar bass for $1,000 is a nice one too.So is the fender american precision bass.It costs $1,000 also.


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Re: Bass and guitar

I play AT both.  I don't really consider myself talented with either, but I get by well enough for backporch picking and campfire jams. 

As a starter bass, I would recommend an Ibanez GSR200.  They sell new for about $200 American, and are often available used in pawn shops and as music store trade-ins.  Also, using used sale lists like e-Bay or Craig's List can get them cheap.  Put a 20watt Hartke or Ampeg practice amp with it and you've got a good beginner rig.  If you get an amp with a line out (I know Hartke has the feature in low cost amps), your friend will be able to use the amp as a stage amp and run it through the PA if he/she starts gigging. 

As far as a Fender Jazz Bass- sure.  You can't fault a Fender Jazz Bass.  Awesome instrument.  But considering that the prices can get pretty steep on them and your friend is just wanting to give it a go, you may want to go with a Squire knockoff to get started.  But my preference would still be the Ibanez GSR series.  They have surprisingly good electronics in a bass that inexpensive and they'll hold their value a little better for selling on the open market if your friend doesn't like it or wants to upgrade.  I know a guy who used a stock GSR200 on stage in the Richmond Colliseum and at major rock clubs in DC.   I don't think anyone would do that with a Rogue. 

Depending on the kind of music your friend likes, there are some good MusicMan knockoffs out there too. 

Or if your friend recently won a lottery jackpot, go crazy and recommend a Rickenbacher. 

My two cents. 

- Zurf

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