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my favourite song at the moment is "be good or be gone" by fionn regan, my favs change weekly.

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I have a lot of favourites too. The song I like at the moment is an ABBA song "LAy All Your Love On Me."

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My favourite song is from Neil Young, Heart of gold.

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In My Life by The Beatles

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Maybe 'Jesus Of Suburbia' by Green Day - It's great kick ass rock n roll!

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today it's:
Married With Children- Oasis

it changes all the time, but it's nearly always an Oasis song

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Very tricky one,i will also pick 5,but in no particular order and for varied reasons,1-the waterboys-dont bang the drum,2-bob dylan-tangled up in blue,3-neil young cortez the killer,4-louis armstrong & ella fitzgerald version of gershwins-summertime,the band-the weight,of course ones taste changes but these are songs/artists i return to more often than others.

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James McCormick wrote:

"Far From Me"  John Prine

It is a simple waltz that paints a vivid picture and tells a story in just a few well-chosen words.

Very odd . . . just checked the index and 'Far From Me' is not currently listed.  However, it is still in the first songbook I published many many months ago: … 0McCormick

this is a strange one.
But I have added it to the John Prine album it came from and it accepted the chordie address no problem. The new layout for john prine is not on mainstream viewing right now but I have added it so when it gets activated this song should show.


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Its so simple..................SAOSIN