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Hi everybody.
The strings on my guitar started buzzing, especially the G string.
Please help, cause I'm not sure what I should do.

Re: Buzzing

How long have your strings been on the guitar? My 1st and 2nd string start to buzz at the 3rd fret onwards if they are particularly old and grubby.

Or have you changed string gauge recently? Or maybe your saddle or nut have become worn.

I'd try new strings 1st and then maybe check the other things if it doesn't cure it.

I know how annoying, and even worrying, it can be. Good luck.

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Re: Buzzing

Where is it buzzing?  Bidge, nut, or frets?  On an acoustic, if new strings don't fix you up it may well mean a short trip to your local luthier is in order.

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Re: Buzzing

Thanks guys I'll try changing the strings!