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Hi, Ive only been learning guitar for a few months, and I keep coming across terms like hammer on, pull off, slide and harmonics. I was just wondering if someone could help me out and explain what they are :-) Thank you!

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Hey Illustrated Dance and welcome to Chordie smile  Since your still learning in the beginner stages, this is a VERY good site to learn from:

Alot of fellow Chordians will agree as well ... I learned alot from Justin and still go back to learn things from his site ... it's very user friendly and he has videos to accompany the lessons

As far as hammer-on's, pull-off's, etc I cant remember if I saw those on his site but I'm pretty sure he covers them ... hope this helps smile

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Here's some additional instructional material for you ;

Tab Notation Symbols

    Here you have the guitar strings corresponding to the
    below lines: 

E ||--1st string E highest pitch--------------------------------------------------|
B ||--2nd string B----------------------------------------------------------------|
G ||--3rd string G----------------------------------------------------------------|
D ||--4th string D----------------------------------------------------------------|
A ||--5th string A----------------------------------------------------------------|
E ||--6th string E lowest pitch --------------------------------------------------|

    This is an Em chord picked one note at a time.
    (read left to right)

    Numbers are written on the line corresponding to the string
    to be fretted.

    The numbers indicate fret number. (left hand)
    0=play open string

E ||------------0-------------------------------------------------------|
B ||----------0---0-----------------------------------------------------|
G ||--------0-------0---------------------------------------------------|
D ||------2-----------2-------------------------------------------------|
A ||----2---------------2-----------------------------------------------|
E ||--0-------------------0---------------------------------------------|

    Here are some additional symbols you may see in TAB:

h - hammer on
p - pull off
b - bend string up
r - release bend
/ - slide up
\ - slide down
v - vibrato (sometimes written as ~)
t - right hand tap
x - damp the note

   Here are some symbols used in my TAB fingerpicking:
d=down with pick
u=up with pick
r=ring finger
m=middle finger

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for fingerpicking some people use the PIMA system the top three snares (ead) those u play with ur thump (P) picking the G snare u pick with ur (i) finger that is the point finger the B snare u pick with ur middle finger and at last the (high)E snare u pick with your ring finger u can make codes of that like pimiami to wright down the pick u need for the chord like nothing else mathers is P(e)I(g)M(b)A(e) M (b) I(g)

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